Circular economy, pedagogy: A local project




Circular economy, Pedagogy, Territory, Sustainability, Local project


After a critical review on the paradigm shift associated with the circular economy as the fundamental transformative route of the European Green Deal and the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan, the present article introduces a research project conducted by Alta Scuola dell’Ambiente with companies from the Brescia province, within the project called Integral ecology for the rights of the Child. Specifically, a case study of an experience ran within a social cooperative was put forward to provide a path of debate with profit companies and B Corporation of the territory. The contribution researches the social potential of the ecological transition process towards the circular economy. At the provincial level, the need to implement a think-tank is highlighted such that the capital narrative of each organisation can be put in common as well as sharing best practices and experiences, enabling cross-pollination among the companies and co-design for local socio-ecocompatible projects. This shall be carried with a horizon, integrating the aspect of circular economy, in a global commitment of education for the common good.