Educational research, learning and media to the test of methodological evolution


  • Alberto Parola Pensamultimedia



The complex reality suggests to review many aspects of the epistemological and methodological issues related to educational research and teaching. The connection between contents and skills a) disciplinary, b) research and c) media, both at school and in the university, represents the way to link forms and substances of the learning and epistemic work of an entire generation of adolescents, who will pursue significant results to face the new versions of the world of work. Therefore, the three factors must be brought into dialogue to create the conditions for new links and different observational skills, thanks to the intertwining of new research methods and the various possible teaching solutions. We think that this partnership could give researchers, teachers and students an attitude of more attention to the biodigital reality and to change in reference to behaviours, mental models, learning and visions of the future, aspects that the “Covid question” brought out overwhelmingly. A variable and flexible approach, bearer of a solid link between planning, learning process, development of skills and evaluation, could develop a more motivating dialogue in relation to the need to counteract the “automatisms” in research planning, learning and media worlds, thanks to a conscious “transformative design” of the entire educating community.



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Parola, A. (2021). Educational research, learning and media to the test of methodological evolution. Formazione & Insegnamento, 19(1 Tome I), 031–047.