Training in Small Schools


  • Maeca Garzia
  • Emanuela Pianese



Teacher training programs “affect the evolution of the school system and the quality of its results” (Porcheddu, 1990). This concerns in particular geographically isolated contexts where teachers are often left out of systemic actions devoted to professional development. This article presents a training course for and with teachers belonging to the Small Schools Movement, which is aimed at contributing to the dissemination of an innovative teaching method that pays attention to breaks during school activities, mainly in multi-age classrooms. In fact, they have a relevant didactic value as part of a teachinglearning methodology that grounds the demonstration of its effectiveness in neuro-scientific discoveries. From the design of the training model to the feedback of the practices realized by the involved teachers in their daily teaching, this contribution intends to provide the reader with the complete flow of a process that has been designed and implemented with a view to the growth and the development of the educational community built around it.



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Garzia, M., & Pianese, E. (2020). Training in Small Schools. Formazione & Insegnamento, 18(1 Special Issue), 233–243.