A “Crossing boundaries” Lab MIFORCAL Students mobility. Towards glocal professional development


  • Juliana Raffaghelli Pensa MultiMedia Editore


MIFORCAL project, as trajectory of internationalization of teachers’ education, has suggested as one of the main strategies within educational model, teachers’ mobility, both through international learning environment (“virtual mobility”), and through teachers’ travelling across the several countries involved in partnership (“vital mobility”). The analysis that we propose in this article is based on the study of a significant corpus gathered through several tools (International Student’s Report, Focus Group, Diary) . Particularly the last one was a fundamental activity suggested during mobility, being a space where the student collected the travel’s narrative, as a formative metaphor. The introduction of this material has as main goal, within MIFORCAL research line of “evaluation and analysis of educational impact”, which is, to demonstrate how the operation of en-largement of cultural context has place in a training setting that is realized in several spaces, moments and social situation that promote formative experiences, gathered in a personal autobiography with evident impact on professional identity. In fact, it is the trip, as main input, that provokes a movement of expansive transition; moreover, the self-educational process of reflection will promote a dimension of true crossing borders of the self, of the own cultural matrix, in a recursive spin where identity constellations will be negotiated, encountering otherness. Furthermore, we argue in this article that those elements seems to be crucial for an educational efficacy within international teachers’ education models.



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