The pedagogical renewal in Spain: Lorenzo Luzuriaga defending the “New School”


  • Teresa González Pérez


The movement for a pedagogical renewal that spread across different European countries starting from the late 19th Century started in Spain thanks to the supporters of the Escuela Nueva (New School). Lorenzo Luzuriaga was one of its great popularisers, being one of the most important Spanish pedagogist during
the first thirty year of 20th Century. He belonged to the international “New School” movement and devoted himself to the change of the school system. He supported the idea of a single public, secular and active school and made possible important pedagogical and educational changes. By introducing the concept
of an education open to any social field, Luzuriaga marked his distance from his contemporary colleagues and anticipated utterly new pedagogical frameworks.
Even so, Civil War, repression and the subsequent exile prevented
him from realizing his own suggestions. Despite being distant from home and having lost his national identity, he nonetheless went on writing and practicing teaching in Iberic-american universities, where he had the possibility of applying his teaching innovations.



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