The peer review experience within the Teacher Education course: results from an evaluative research on students’ perceptions


  • Ettore Felisatti
  • Anna Serbati Università di Padova
  • Sara Paccagnella



The paper presents results from an evaluative research regarding the use of peer review
in the context of Teacher Education internship at the University of Padova. The assignment
for the peer review cycle was the internship project. The research aimed to monitor students’
perceptions in order to identify areas of improvement and tailor the model for further
systematic implementations and involved 143 students enrolled in the 4th and 5th year.
Recent research on peer review shows how this approach fosters students to take an
active role in their learning, reflecting on their own assignments, reinforcing knowledge
and skills, learning by sharing and comparing perspectives with peers at different levels,
developing assessment and self-assessment skills. The current research seems to confirm
these findings, showing positive students’ perceptions regarding the efficacy of
peer review, specifically of the giving feedback, receiving feedback, writing self-feedback
phases, and highlighting relevant impacts on the learning process. The peer review cycle
has been improved based on suggestions emerged from the research and the model is
now applied within all years of the internship.