The Journal


Serial type: Journal

Format: Print and Electronic version

ISSN: (Online) 2038-9744

ISSN: (Printed) 2038-9736

Registered at no. 8088 in Court of Bologna on 22nd June, 2010

Editor: Prof. Renata ViganĂ² (Editor-in-Chief)

Frequency: 2 issues per year (June and December)

Start year: 2009

The DOI prefix allotted for IJEduR is 10.7346.

Content type: Academic/Scholarly

Language: Italian and English



The Italian Journal of Educational Research (IJEduR) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is dedicated to educational research methodologies and to evaluative research in education. The journal serves the interest of researchers, educators, trainers and teachers, and publishes original empirical research works, case studies, systematic and critical reviews, along with editorials and brief reports, covering recent developments in the field.

IJEduR started its publications on 2009 and strictly respected the publishing continuity of the two issues each year (June, Dicember). Since the Vol. 25 (Year XIII, 2020), IJEduR adopts a new graphic layout.

Each number is composed as follows:

  • invited papers section: includes a selection of invited papers regarding relevant subjects and from clear experts. Normally authors are invited by the Editorial Board.
  • peer reviewed papers section: includes the only papers that have passed a peer double blind review.