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Author Guidelines

Access and Retention:  if the editors deem it appropriate, the authors of the articles should make available also the sources or the data on which research is based, so that they can be kept for a reasonable period of time after the publication and possibly be made accessible.

Originality and plagiarism: the authors are required to declare to have composed an original work in its entirety and citing all the texts used.

Publications multiple, repetitive and / or competitors: the author should not publish articles that repeat the same search results in more than a scientific journal: the simultaneous proposal of the same contribution to multiple scientific journal is to be considered an ethically improper and reprehensible.

List of sources: the author should always provide the correct indication of the sources and contributions mentioned in the article.

Authorship: it should be correctly attributed the authorship of the work and shall be referred to as co-authors all those who have made a significant contribution to the design, organization, implementation and revision of the research that forms the basis of the article. If other people have participated significantly in some stages of the research, their contribution must be explicitly recognized. In the case of contributions written by many hands, the author who sends the text to the journal is required to declare that she/he had correctly stated the names of all the other co-authors, have obtained their approval of the final version of the article and their consent for publication in the "Giornale Italiano della Ricerca Educativa - Italian Journal of Educational Research".

Conflict of interest and disclosure: all authors are required to declare explicitly that there are no conflicts of interest that may have influenced the results obtained or the interpretations proposed. Authors must also indicate any research funding agencies and / or the project from which arise the article.

Errors in published articles: when an author in her/his article identifies a significant error or inaccuracy, he/she shall promptly inform the journal editors and provide them with all the information required to list the relevant corrections on the bottom of the article itself

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.