Guidelines for Author


The paper must be in Word or .ODT format.

IJEduR requires that a paper must follow some characteristics:

  • An abstract (maximum 250 words)
  • Researches: the main text (not including Abstract and References) is limited to 6,000 words;
  • Experience: the main text (not including Abstract and References) is limited to 5,000 words;
  • Studies: the main text (not including Abstract and References) is limited to 4,500 words.

The reference list has to included in the metadata while submitting the paper.

Please do not include name, affiliation or other identification of the authors in the body of the text.

Please do not include authors in the submitted version (ANONYMOUS PAPERS). Authors and references to authors have to included only in the final paper;

Download and carefully read the Document How to Write a Paper for IJEduR.

Download the Paper Format file in .DOT and use it to write your paper.

For the corresponding author (and for all the co-authors), please, carefully enter all the metadata (Name, Family Name, Affiliation, Department, ORCID, etc...).

Upload, during the paper submission process, the signed form of: Copyright Transfer and Publishing Conditions Acceptance; absence of Conflict of Interests or a Statement Clarifying the possible Conflict of Interests. The author (or authors if group work) claims to be the sole author and sole owner of the work and have all necessary rights to permit the Publisher and SIRD to publish it. The author also affirms that: the publication of the work not infringe the rights of third parties, does not violate any criminal law and raises the publisher and SIRD from all damages and costs that may result from publication; to have written permission at any time, territory, or by the owners of the language and images of different parts of the work covered by copyright as defined in this contract without cost or expense to the Publisher and SIRD (download PDF | DOC). If the paper refers to an empirical research please upload (during the submission phase) all the elements usefull to reproduce the results of your research including full datasets (in a separate file format with a complete legend).