Critical Analysis of Research Approaches in Literacy Pedagogy


  • Monica Banzato


frame on the concept of literacy. It does so by investigating the international scientific literature on the topic, looking for researches and trends that have characterized this field during last thirty years. The main currents of thought are examined in order to identify those epistemological structures belonging to the various models which contributed to the description/formalization
of different definitions and approaches related to literacy. Since
the Eighties, these models show key-moments of paradigmatic rupture that changed its definition, hence the research tradition. This work constitutes a starting point for the achievement of the following goals:
a) the development of a theoretical frame within which it will be possible to identify the similarities and differences of the diverse schools of thought on literacy pedagogy. Such a comparison will be a useful reference for the evaluation of recent contributions in research;
b) the identification of the theoretical bases and of the most promising research paths deriving from those issues, such as the New literacies Research addressed in this paper.



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