Development and freedom: Comparison between E. Morin and A. Sen


  • Emanuela Fiorentino Pensa MultiMedia Editore


The process of globalization is powered by four non-controllable engines: science, technology, economy and profit. The sudden social, political, economic and cultural transformations open to the idea of development meant as the way of salvation for humankind. E. Morin and A. Sen, in their respective fields of study and research, ponder these planetary phenomena. In this context, they proposed a new concept of development as a process of expansion of the person. The authors’ key-words are, respectively: development/un-development and development/freedom/capability. School is the suitable environment that could provide support to the aforementioned process of personal expansion. It represents the educational environment that encourages the un-development as a return to a poetic quality of life.
Furthermore, it is in charge of promoting the process of capability, as an opportunity for people to become aware and active citizens.



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