Promoting Inclusion through Sustainability Education: The “Ambassadors of Sustainability” Project




Sustainability, Inclusion, Education, Respect, Quality of life


The contribute discusses the relationship between inclusive education and sustainable environmental development moving from the cultural proposal coming from the Index for inclusion model (Booth, & Ainscow, 2014). In the updated edition of 2014, the authors replace the special curricula in inclusive school with curricula for all, placing education at the center of the discourse environmental and sustainability. The contribute, starting from this intuition of the authors, argues in what terms sustainability and ecological awareness are some of the most important and urgent cultural tools to build inclusion and present the researchaction carried out with the network of schools in the area of Lecce, for the promotion, from an interdisciplinary point of view, of the inclusive ecological education. The survey made possible to: define actions, processes and contents in contexts schools must be promoted to guide the education of citizens towards the development of inclusive behaviors and to brought out the points of fragility in the interpretation of education for sustainability.