Training Action and Development of Capacity Building in the Interconnected Educational Ecosystems


  • Gabriella Aleandri Università degli Studi Roma Tre,
  • Chiara Fiorentini Università degli Studi Roma Tre,



Training action, Capacity building, Educational ecosystems, Skills, Lifelong learning, Life-wide learning, Life-deep learning


The topic of the promotion and enhancement of the necessary skills in a Lifelong, Life-wide and Life-deep Learning perspective is among the most urgent and relevant issues discussed by the major national and international organizations and it has made even more complex and difficult due to the spread of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We have discovered, at the same time, personal and social fragility and, even more, the global dimension and interconnectedness. The need to fill gaps and imbalances, on a global level, starting from basic skills and the increasing demand for high skills, including soft and digital skills, is increasingly mandatory. Educational and training institutions are called upon to fulfil this unstoppable duty as an element of conjunction between the human being and the environment that surrounds him, creating a virtuous and sustainable  ecosystem, in which capacity and agency represent goals to be implemented. This article reports some results from an exploratory research project developed to understand the levels of knowledge regarding the implicit experiences that university students in the educational-pedagogical field live in their formal study path in order to increase awareness about the acquired skills.