Rewied of resilience and report in physical activities and sport


  • Daniele Coco Pensamultimedia
  • Patrizia Tortella
  • Francesco Casolo



In this work we will analyze research and reflections to understand the concept of resilience in relation to physical and sports activities, which consists in the ability to “resume one’s own path” or “get back on your boat”, that is to grow and fulfill ourself despite traumas and adversity of life, taking into account both “internal” and “external” factors. The reelaboration of the ex-perience made during the practice of physical activities and sports promote a process of activation of potential and recognition of positive models that can be defined as resilient, that is, capable of facing adversity and trauma and being less vulnerable. It will be essential to provide adequate tools to organize and plan resilient interventions and projects points to physical and sports activities that can be adapted to different environments1



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Coco, D. ., Tortella, P. ., & Casolo, F. . (2020). Rewied of resilience and report in physical activities and sport. Formazione & Insegnamento, 18(3), 50–66.

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