Self-assessment and promotion of strategic skills for school and work


  • Massimo Margottini Pensa MultiMedia Editore



The topic of competences, their nature, the ways in which recognize, evaluate and promoting them is analysed from different perspectives: philosophical, educational, psychological, economic. Despite different perspectives the research seems to converge on the need to take greater account of a set of general personal skills, also known as transversal or strategic which, especially in the world of work, took the name of soft skills. Many studies have highlighted the role that these strategic and transversal skills play on school and work performance, and on other fundamental aspects of adult existence. The work presents some tools that can be used in schools and universities to promote reflective processes on some cognitive, emotional and motivational dimensions, attitudes and beliefs considered the basis of a competent action. Finally, the research shows some results of the application of these tools that highlight the links between strategic, temporal and professional skills.



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Margottini, M. (2019). Self-assessment and promotion of strategic skills for school and work. Formazione & Insegnamento, 17(1), 309–322.