Soft skills in School-Work Alternation programs: teachers’ and students’ perspectives, and implemented assessment processes


  • Concetta Tino Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Valentina Grion


Today, the complexity of organizational contexts requires formal education systems to
use devices to encourage the training of individuals who can skillfully combine hard
and soft skills. The School-Work Alternation (SWA) is one of useful devices to train the
new generations, in response to these new needs. In this perspective, the present research
work has investigated the awareness of teachers and students about the development
of soft skills in SWA; the nature of project design and assessment in relation to
the development of soft skills. Through a qualitative approach and with the participation
of teachers and students from different educational institutions of different Italian regions,
it has been possible to recognize that SWA is considered as a privileged space for
the development of soft skills, while the assessment process related to them needs to
be still built.