Assessment and peer feedback in school contexts: a case-study carried out by GRiFoVA group

  • Emilia Restiglian Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Valentina Grion


Following a research study highlighting the potentials of peer review in university contexts, a group of researchers and teachers has verified the impact of this practice in elementary and secondary school contexts. This article presents a case study that was carried out in an Italian language class in the fourth grade of an Italian primary school. Data analysis of the study indicated
a few interesting points. First, the results of the study suggested that peer review could work in school contexts as effectively as it does in higher education. Second, the study highlighted some potential challenges that primary or secondary educators may face when integrating peer review in their classrooms. These challenges include time demanding of the peer review process and readiness of students. These emerged issues require an adjusted peer review model be used in school contexts.
The researchers would like to call for more research to examine the impact of peer review in school contexts.