Teachers’ perceptions about an innovative path of in-service training


  • Alessandra Rosa
  • Elisa Truffelli


This paper reports a study aimed to explore the points of view of teachers who participated in an in-service training course focused on inquiry-based learning (IBL), an innovative teaching method embedded in a constructivist theory of teaching and learning process and in the tradition of student-centered approaches. Particularly, attention has been paid both on perceptions about how the trainers have brought teachers to the theoretical and operational principles behind IBL approach during the course, and on opinions regarding its potential for innovation of classroom teaching. Data were collected through a semi-structured questionnaire administered at the end of the course and completed
by 215 teachers. Although in a framework which on the whole seems to be positive, the data analysis and the results interpretation show some critical issues starting from wich research perspectives and practical implications will be outlined.



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