Evidence Based Education: epistemological opportunity for new training professionals


  • Giovanni Bonaiuti
  • Antonio Calvani
  • Silvia Micheletta
  • Giuliano Vivanet


It is of strategic importance for future educators developing appropriate skills for accessing to research results in an “evidence-based” way (evidence based education - EBE) in order to facilitate an “informed and aware” decision making. The EBE, orienting to formalize research procedures and to assess its results reliability, provide also an “epistemological opportunity”. Thispaper aims to highlight the importance of transferring cultural attitudes and procedures
from the EBE world to training. After a brief introduction to research centers and
tools used to access scientifically reliable knowledge, we present the results of a comparative test to study the effectiveness of the search engine used, and then we provide some practical suggestions to foster methodological awareness starting from level procedures of information inquiry that can address a simple graduate student.



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Bonaiuti, G., Calvani, A., Micheletta, S., & Vivanet, G. (2015). Evidence Based Education: epistemological opportunity for new training professionals. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH, (13), 231–244. Retrieved from https://ojs.pensamultimedia.it/index.php/sird/article/view/1105