How to capture teacher professional vision. A coding scheme


  • Giovanni Bonaiuti
  • Rossella Santagata
  • Giuliano Vivanet


The use of video to support the development of teaching competencies represents an opportunity that is widely investigated in educational research. In this area, at the University of Cagliari, in collaboration with the University of California-Irvine, a teacher professional development project based on the use of video technology and focused on video observations was initiated. The project’s
objective is to support the development of professional vision competencies,
that is the ability to notice and make sense of fundamental classroom events that are relevant to student learning. In alignment with the project objectives and drawing from existing frameworks from the international literature, particularly from the field of mathematics education, the authors have developed an initial coding system of eight dimensions that captures teacher professional vision across various disciplinary fields. In the present contribution, the construct of professional vision is introduced, the dimensions
and indicators of the coding framework are presented, and applications,
potentialities, and critical aspects are discussed.



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