The phenomenon of Early College Leavers. A case study on the graduate programs of the Department of Education of “Roma Tre” University

Marco Burgalassi, Valeria Biasi, Rosa Capobianco, Giovanni Moretti


The paper presents the results of early abandonment research conducted on students enrolled in 2013-2014 to degree courses of the Department of Education of “Roma Tre” University.
The research was conducted with the use of a structured questionnaire and two standardized scales of measurement. The questionnaire, designed to detect the main traits of the university experience of respondents, it was administered using the CATI procedure universe of students who have left and to a representative sample of students who have continued their studies. The measurement scales concern the Self-efficacy perceived and the motivational profile of the students. They were administered by CAWI procedure to a self-selected sample of participants. The results emerging from the sectoral analysis
of intervening variables in early drop out, which are compared with the findings
in the literature specification, are then supplemented by a unique reference to the role that in the issue have the orientation deficits of students.

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