Increase students’ awareness as trainee subjects: use and validation of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire in Italy

  • Giovanni Moretti
  • Arianna Giuliani
  • Arianna Morini


All formative context should have as it’s main objective an increase students’ awareness as trainee subjects (Schraw, 1998; Young & Fry, 2008; Arnold et al., 2017). Much research has focused on the importance of encouraging the development of students’ agency and leadership (Boud, 2012; Moretti & Giuliani, 2016; Rubat Du Mérac, 2017). Motivation and studying approach are among the variables that identify the profile of an aware student. The objective of the research is to validate an Italian version of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (Pintrich et al., 1991). With an Exploratory Factor Analysis was conducted on data from 1091 undergraduate students, the questionnaire was adapted as Questionario sulla Motivazione e sulle Strategie
di Apprendimento, a synthetic and reliable tool to reveal student information students and give them feedback that increases their awareness.