The Inclusive School as an Educational and Educating Community between the Family, the Territory and the Third sector: New Pacts of Educational Co-responsibility to be Redefined and Consolidated




School, Educational community, Family, Territory, Inclusion


In this paper, the A. intends to focus attention on the development of an inclusive school, starting from the concept of inclusion that calls into question the taking charge of the educating community starting from the curricular teacher and not only the support teacher through the active participation of the family and all stakeholders. This is essential today in a period in which the school is increasingly interested in combating school dropouts, early school leaving but also the many hardships that young people experience due to malpractice, incivility, rudeness. But is the school with its teachers ready to change this situation? Do the teachers have the conceptual and operational tools to intervene? What is the role of the family, the territory and the third sector? In this work the A. intends to address the issue through a new Pacts of educational co-responsibility that the school will have to redefine and co-design with the family, the territory and the third sector to truly promote the human, civil and social progress of the Communities. However, this implies a rethinking and reorganizing the school of autonomy in our country from a European perspective.