Functional movement education: The Swing




Education, Functional movement, Motor education, Kettlebell swing, Sports performance, Training, Health, Mental well-being, Physical well-being


Movement education is effective when sport-specific skills are successfully achieved. The variety of theoretical frameworks, of individual teaching and learning styles, lay the foundations to identify new practical teaching strategies, improve the mastery of motor skills, promote self-esteem, foster selfefficacy and positive self-image. The experimental educational and training strategy, proposed in this contribution, facilitates new motor experiences precisely through the ballistic action with the Kettlebell: the Swing. This movement develops and improves not only the conditional skills, but also the coordination ones. A didactic programming supports innovative and inclusive paths, and includes a new and innovative motor education based on functional movements, as a necessary strategy for developing learning processes. The knowledge development process will be transactional, within a reality in which the final product will be the relationship between subject and environment expressed through the body. For this reason, the movement holds the whole truth, made up not only of objective and subjective reality, external world and body, but more comprehensively, of relationships, emotions, symbols and meanings, all necessarily useful to build a knowledge of the vision of reality, of the real world.




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