Inclusion and participation strategies in the University education. Survey on learning outcomes achieved by students in Sports Science in the pandemic period


  • Lucia Martiniello
  • Clorinda Sorrentino
  • Simona Iannaccone
  • Angelina Vivona



The study has been made on the purpose to prove the effectiveness of strategies used by Inclusion and Participation Office of the Telamatic University “Pegaso” in the pandemic period. The University gives an inclusion program based not only on assistive IT equipment but also on corrective and/ or improvement actions. Starting from the data relating to students who rely on the services of the inclusion and participation office, it has been carried out a comparative analysis between the data relating the period from March 2019 to March 2020 and those relating to the next 12 months, in other words, the first year of the pandemic. The sample studied is made by students enrolled to the 3 year degree course in Motor Science and the master’s degree course in Management of sport and physical activities: the data being compared were the number of enrolled
with disabilities and the number of exams taken by students participating in the inclusion project before and during the pandemic period. The aim has been to demonstrate the presence of a training project well structured even in extreme situations, such as the current one, that has witnessed relevant organizational difficulties in the field of inclusion of many institutions, it is,nevertheless, possible to achieve expected learning results.