The Union Trade beyond the competencies


  • Cristiano Chiusso


From the ISFOL-ISTAT survey on the professions, the “craft” of the union
leader appears to be similar to the one of the business manager, in which
skills as communication and staff management are prevailing.
The vocational dimension of this “trade” is nevertheless strong and cannot
be neglected: the business model doesn’t seem to be an appropriate term
of comparison to this “call” to the social justice.
The notion of competency doesn’t similarly appear to be suitable to tell the
union “occupation” as ideologically marked in terms of competition and
performance, which are not part of the union trade mission.
Inserted into the theoretical framework of “human capital”, competency is
functional to productivity and profit, but if inserted into the theoretical
framework of “human development” instead, it becomes also part of the capability, i.e. the “capacity of social functioning” concerning the existential
realization of the subject, beyond the economic component.



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