Bateson and Guattari: Utopian Perspectives for the Present


  • Ida Ninni


This article interrelates the Gregory Bateson’s perspective with that one of
Felix Guattari, with the purpose to clarify pathways that lead to a new mode
of consider learning, educational process and educational institution.
Is fundamental for both the notion of intersubjectivity viewed as a qualitative
leap aesthetic which also relates the learning mode: aesthetics is the
sensitivity and the sense of belonging to the contexts that we create and
that we contribute to create (Bateson), aesthetic is the existential nucleus
that allows to overflow from limiting subjectivity and to create collective assemblages of enunciation, the result of multiple exchanges between individual
– group – machine, acting on a plane of immanence (Guattari).
It will be the aesthetic paradigm, both from the point of view of Bateson
than that of Guattari, to save the future of humanity and the earth from ecological



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