Digital storytelling in pre-school education: what teaching suggestions can be drawn from the analysis of practices at school?

  • Chiara Bertolini
  • Andrea Pagano


The topic of the article concerns media literacy and media education in the context of preschool. In particular, the article examines the international literature on this topic, in order to recognize the main contents and meanings. It is interested in understanding how fostering media literacy in childhood and it takes digital storytelling as a possible way of work, proposing a review of international literature. Within the wider Erasmus + STORIES project, the article presents the analysis of 59 digital storytelling practices conducted in 6 Italian preschools, with the aim of recognizing, on the one hand, the most recurrent elements of teaching nature and another to highlight the methodological aspects that distinguish practictices named best practices because they are associated with the creation of more complex digital stories. For these purposes, statistical analyzes were conducted from a variety of materials collected from the project.