Inclusion and preschool between theory and teachers’ opinion


  • Maja Antonietti
  • Chiara Bertolini
  • Alice Veneziani


This paper deals with the theme of inclusion in preschool starting from literature and empirical reviews on inclusion. The essay puts these theoretical reflections in dialogue with an exploratory investigation carried out by 68 teachers from 10 preschools in Emilia Romagna through a questionnaire built on existing tools: Elements to detect and evaluate school integration (Ervis, 2009), Kit for self-evaluation of quality of school inclusion (Quadis, since 2000), Index for inclusion
(2002, 2008, 2014) that aims to evaluate some practices considered crucial for the
promotion of an inclusive climate. These results are then analyzed in exploratory way by outlining some teacher training needs and specifying the topic of inclusion in preschool.



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Antonietti, M., Bertolini, C., & Veneziani, A. (2018). Inclusion and preschool between theory and teachers’ opinion. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH, (19), 153–174. Retrieved from