Improving the school is possible: research and training experiences on the text comprehension

  • Chiara Bertolini


The contribution aims to describe a research and training experience on the topic of teaching the text comprehension, which involved 6 groups of schools. The experience starts with the recognition of 2 aspects. On the one hand, the European Council and the Italian Ministry recognize the importance of the ability to comprehension. However, some studies show difficulties in comprehension Italian students. On the other hand, some schools have recognized a need for training on the topic of text comprehension.
The research and training experience lasted 3 school years and involved teachers in the construction of evaluation tests, in the design and implementation of the UD and in Lesson Study cycles.
The present contribution aims to verify the training effectiveness of the first 2 years of teacher training. The student’s ability to comprehend was intended as an indicator of effectiveness. Analysis of variance demonstrates the effectiveness of experience.