The International Center for Studies on Educational Methodologies: History of a Project




Educational methodologies, Learning, Mediation, Neuroscience, Cognitive education, Feuerstein methods



This article reconstructs the events that led to a widespread dissemination of the Feuerstein Method in Italy and therefore to the foundation of the International Center for Studies on Educational Methodologies, on the initiative of Umberto Margiotta. In the first decade of the new millennium, he called upon some authorized Feuerstein training centers to run a project whose purpose was to spread the pedagogy of mediation starting from the theory of Mediated Learning Experience of Reuven Feuerstein and as specific objectives the construction of a synergistic and cooperative climate between  the various training centers active in Italy, the promotion of a research plan, the experimentation and application of cognitive and relational methodologies aimed at favoring the teaching-learning process, the creation of an internationally inclusive community.


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