EduSpaceMobile – South Tyrol's Next Role Model for Multidirectional Exchange of Educational Knowledge




Multidirectional exchange of knowledge, Learning communities, Ecology as an educational issue, Eduspace Mobile, Professionalization of educators


Ecology, in the broadest sense, is an interrelation. For individuals as well as for social communities, this implies that they are always both subjects of per-ception and objects of a communal determination of reality (cf. Benner 1990, p. 614ff.). The reflected contemplation of the individual’s relationship to himself, to others and to the world is a central element of the courses and prac-tical training of the Master’s programme in Educational Science. In particular, the current activities of the EduSpace learning workshop are strongly influenced by the joint reflection on ecology as a condition and goal of education in the first stages of life as well as across the entire lifespan (cf. in detail Stadler-Altmann 2018; Dozza 2021). How these interdependencies can be elaborated into sustainable regional learning communities is outlined in the following.