Giftedness and teaching strategies


  • Giuseppe De Simone
  • Maria Annarumma


Ensuring ethical, cognitive and social dignity to “individuality”, intended as an “expression of uniqueness and singularity”, is a great challenge. A high cognitive ability, the essence of a special individual, becomes an obstacle to overcome in a conventional society. Paradoxically, a high intellectual level can become an impediment and a problem for the gifted person and at the same time it determines a “sense of not belonging” and inadequacy. Gifted people may be vulnerable, so to overcome this problem it is necessary to use an appropriate parental style, a suitable teaching and counseling method in order to better develop their “cognitive heritage”. It is important that giftedness is seen as a resource and an opportunity that the society has the duty to invest in, in order to guarantee the individual well-being but also to safeguard the country’s future.



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