Data Literacy in the context of Big and Open Data: an educational challenge


  • Juliana E. Raffaghelli



The central thesis of this paper is that to mine the treasure of big and open data, it is necessary to propose analytical basis to promote educational research and training of trainers on the isuee of data literacy as skill required to operate in this context of innovation. The paper starts introducing the phenomenon of big and open data; hence, it characterizes the multi-level training needs identified along the several levels of education and training; then, it focuses on the definition of data literacy, further discussing some frameworks for its analysis and development. To this regard, in this last phase of conceptual elaboration, two points are discussed: the need to go beyond the “DigComp” framework for specific data literacy coverage (despite the very important background this framework provides); and the inadequacy of some existing frameworks to characterize data literacy at general education levels, not just as a specialist competence. Finally, the paper introduces a draft data literacy framework aligning with DigComp, as tool for educational research and practice. With a validity yet to be consolidated taking into consideration the prototyping approach, it tries to lay the foundations for progressive refinement by
the scientific/practice in order to support a theme that in Italy, as in the international context, requires careful attention.



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Raffaghelli, J. E. (2017). Data Literacy in the context of Big and Open Data: an educational challenge. Formazione & Insegnamento, 15(3), 299–324.