Rules in freedom


  • Piergiorgio Reggio


Rules and freedom are usually considered – also in the pedagogical environment
– as opposed to each other. The article criticizes this conception.
Rules and freedom are, in fact, two sides of the same coin and are indissolubly
tied together. You learn rules making practice of freedom. The rules, so
built, prepare conditions of freedom. Education, in this perspective, has a
core function: it does not prepare to freedom; it is already practice of freedom.
Therefore education has to leave conceptions and practices aimed at subduing
to the respect of rules (preparing future freedoms) and affirm, instead,
the educative importance of making experience of freedom day by
day and, meanwhile, of researching and building rules. The experiential and
critical dimensions are thus crucial in education. Finally, the article presents
some strategies and ways in order to foster educational experiences of freedom
and of rule-making.



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