Competenze olistiche e disciplinari


  • Riccardo Mancini


The theme of competence arises on the ridge of educational research, and in particular within the controversy which sees as subjects of the speech, the integral/ongoing training and the relationship between theory and practice.
From this basic idea rises a school which is opened to new individual and social
needs, capable not only of knowing how to convey information, but also to give a metacognitive mindset based on the “pestalozziane” capabilities of the human being.
Hence the costant need of education, which can be expressed through teaching
skills, and through the abilities to educate a person.
The problem that emerges is clear and fascinating at the same time, since perpetually exposed to the cultural variables in constant turmoil. An absolute value the person, on whom it is right to invest and edify every collective development and on which we will have to capitalize on our becoming.
So, if on one hand, the skill draws a legitimacy to pedagogic knowledge, on the
other hand there is the dilemma on which, how much and how, it will be possible to learn skills, knowledge and competences, that make possible the accomplishment according to the indications of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Be yourself!”



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