ICT and Teaching: Teachers’ Digital Behaviours of Secondary School


  • Samuele Calzone
  • Claudia Chellini


Over the past thirty years a lot of funds have been invested in order to provide
the Italian schools with increased cutting edge technological equipment
and to offer a program for teacher training to develop digital skills.
Despite this attention, the ICT integration in the teaching activities seems to
still be in the development phase.
This paper outlines the results of empirical research based on a survey sample
of 7.732 teachers at all levels of education attending training course cofunded
by the National Operational Program “Skills for development” (ESF)
2007-2013. The data are related to the digital behaviors of teachers who express a greater knowledge of their own competences and abilities (perception of the self-efficacy) and at the same time, declaring a wider use of the technologies in their classrooms than may exist. These are not so different when compared to those related to teachers who consider the role of ICT in everyday classroom less relevant. This study provide a means to identify some teacher training needs and could be an opportunity to reflect on the effective use of ICT in teaching and learning.



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