Study of color perception transfered in e-learning


  • Barbara Todini


The new technological paradigms, in the didactic work, have determined
structural changes about the education provided reorganisation, aiming to
keep unchanged its qualities and standards. For this purpose, many aspcts
are considered, first among everything: how to stimulate person’s “senses”
without phisical presence.
Nowadays, we can use the new information technology, although it is not
enough to complete the multimedia signs research.
This work makes the most of chromatic aspects, as sign, in on-line development.
Thus, colour theme has always been a signal and, with other expressive
elements, becomes of significant communicative.
In the strictly connection with this factor, the study of the colour’s potentialities
it is presented around the costruction of web environments chromatically
adatte d for communicative training goals, giving to the colour a significative
acceptation and deterministic to plan an androgogical training
course, chromatically predefined.
The colour, as a sensory element, communicative and active, is used for online
explanation of lower difficulties, lower unpleasant and aseptic habitat.



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