Interpersonal aggressiveness. From theoretical reflection to educational projects


  • Fabiana Quatrano


This paper summarizes the sensitive issue of aggressiveness that takes on ever growing importance in the social, psychological and psycho-pedagogical area.
The world of scientific research, despite the numerous studies and articles on such subject, gives rise to a series of problems arising on one hand from the difficulty in finding a definition of aggressiveness which is accepted unanimously, on the other hand it emphasizes the importance still on the debate about terms
such as aggressiveness, aggression and aggressive behaviour. Whereas aggression presents causes, manifestations and very different consequences, it is not surprising that it has been studied in various fields of research, with contributions and specific characteristics for each of the different approaches considered.
What is also highlighted is how each theoretical orientation is reflected, at the level of education, in the elaboration of possible actions and routes aimed at reducing the various forms of aggressiveness



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