Formazione & insegnamento 21(2): New Issue Published + Important News


Dear Authors, Readers, and Reviewers,

While announcing the publication of the summer issue of Formazione & Insegnamento, 21(2), we also wish to highlight the following updates:

Indexing: Following the efforts of the editorial team, articles published in the journal (including in previous years) are now searchable by the search engines of all global university libraries. To ensure this, we conducted sample checks on Swisscovery (Switzerland), iDiscover section "articles and online resources" (Cambridge, UK), and Columbia University Libraries (USA). Moreover, the archives of Open Science systems, having incontrovertibly recognized the journal as Open Access under the CC BY 4.0 International License, have embraced your articles and distribute them regularly on their platforms. Besides the already known DOAJ, an example is CORE.AC.UK, which already hosts about 1,000 journal articles and whose indexing operations are still ongoing.

Spanish Language: We are also pleased to inform that we have opened the website section in Spanish and fully accept contributions in this language. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Camilla Boschi (UniFE) for her valuable assistance in translating the journal's web pages into Spanish.

DOI: The DOIs of the current issue are being activated and will be operational shortly.

Warm regards and heartfelt thanks to all the Authors, Reviewers, and Collaborators who have made these achievements possible.

The Editorial Team