Movement at University


  • Guido Benvenuto
  • Elena Viti


This paper deals with the problem of the lacking of interest for the body and the movement in university curricula. Referring to the basic idea of experimental pedagogy, this paper highlights the importance that this study may have in pedagogical education focussing on an ongoing experience taking place at the degree program of Science of Education and Training at Sapienza, University of Rome (Italy), where a course of “Movement education” has been recently introduced. The reasons and the development of this opportunity for higher education are carefully presented, underlining the need for new horizons for the professional training of educators, teachers and trainers. This new course improves the learning potential of individuals and offers a way for reflection and action, involving different intelligences
in the frame of a pedagogical approach. This course, aimed at promoting a better “body awareness”, triggers a strong social and community matrix and an education for solidarity, which appears an important perspective for the training of new skills, better inclusion in the society and integration at school.



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