Pedagogy and Narration: the Contribution of Living Libraries to the Co-construction of the Educating Community


  • Anna Paola Paiano Università del Salento,



Margin, Stereotype and prejudice, Autobiographical narration, Living libraries, Educating community


What happens when the other “trespasses”? When they make demands for recognition, equality, justice and freedom? This work aims to explore the need for a community model of living together that qualifies the specificity of human beings characterized by substantial intersubjectivity and therefore by relationships. Therefore, it presents a narrative device to deconstruct prejudices and remove all forms of stigmatization; the books are the people who tell their personal stories to the readers, their difficult experiences, negative experiences that have made them grow. The main objective is the removal of social pressures linked to the stigmatization of people who hold common sense, prejudices and stereotypes of everyday life through the promotion of inclusive attitudes on the part of those who have experienced or identified a stigma or prejudice.