Sustainability and enterprises for Common Good. Design, Post-Covid19, Benefit Corporation


  • Alessandra Vischi



The current global situation is marked by the worse crisis humanity had to face in the last decades, way more disruptive than the 2008 crisis in terms of economic, environmental and social impacts. The pandemic generated by Covid-19 is causing an unprecedented transformation in reaction to the speed and pervasiveness, with which it presented itself, as well as highlighting the link between health, environment, economy and culture. Sustainability could be the lever for a social improvement and an opportunity to outline an innovative, green and cohesive post-Covid 19. In this perspective, and in the framework of civil economics, companies can contribute to a more livable society: by a humanization of the market, promotion of decent jobs and development of knowledge. Benefit corporations are an emblematic example of alliance between business and territory in search for the common good, between social justice, education and participation. Today education is called upon to interpret new needs and elaborate reflections and operative protocols, to favour the engagement of sustainable and responsible businesses in the post-Covid reconstruction, to cultivate a cohesive humanism in light of an integral ecology.