Educating adults A moment of reflection in Salvatore Colonna (1921-2003)


  • Anna Maria Colaci


In a historical, political and social reality like the post-modern one, the
problems of adult education must be placed in a specific area of pedagogy.
In this process of formation concerning the individual, the whole social
community is globally responsible and directly involved. The family, the
school and the other social organizations of which we are members, in fact,
are directly involved because from these derive the educational outcomes
of the person, the realization of the same and the respect of permanent and
authentic values that must be firmly defended and consistency. The discourse
on pedagogy, as pedagogy of the person, therefore, necessarily implies
the discourse on values, because it involves guiding and guiding the
subject along the path of his personal formation, which is realizable, authentically,
only if he is engaged in acquisition of behaviors considered ethically



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