Teaching in the Knowledge Society. eTeacher and Glocal Learning


  • Alida Favaretto


Educational innovations cannot take place if the teachers do not acquire the necessary competences, which need to be contextualized. In the International (blended) Master “Teaching in the society of the knowledge.
eTeacher and Glocal Learning” training, tutorship and learning material were developed in mother tongue, for the several countries participating.
In one of the cases, the course regarding Cameroun, we started a process of interaction design, through the definition of the objectives and user needs. There was the possibility to interact with the Italian classroom, as well as inside the own class in French of the Ecole Normale of Maroua, Ecole Supérieure des Travaux Publics of Yaoundé (Cameroun), through devoted learning environment and different systems of transmission (blog, chat, social
network, wiki). The educational software proposed took into account the following three elements: ease of use; relevance for educational; opportunities.
In fact the software, Moodle, can be used in different environments, involving motivation, method of use, and relationships among peers



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