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The Italian Journal of Educational Research, promoted by the Italian Society of Educational Research, is devoted to Methodologies of Educational Research and Evaluation Research in Education. Research fields refer to: curriculum development, teacher training, school education, higher education and vocational education and training, instructional management and design, educational technology and e-learning, subject teaching, inclusive education, lifelong learning methodologies, competences evaluation and certification, docimology, students assessment, school evaluation. teacher appraisal, system evaluation and quality. The journal serves the interest of researchers, educators, trainers and teachers, and publishes original empirical research works, case studies, systematic and critical reviews, along with editorials and brief reports, covering recent developments in the field. The journal aims are to share the scientific and methodological culture, to encourage debate and to stimulate new research.

Referees Committee
The referees committee includes well-respected Italian and foreign researchers. The referral process is under the responsability of the Journal’s Editor in Chief and Co-Editor.

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No 19 (2017)

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Table of Contents


Indice PDF (Italiano)
Editorial Staff 1-8


Insegnamento nella scuola secondaria e l’avvio dei percorsi di formazione iniziale e di tirocinio PDF (Italiano)
Achille M. Notti 9-12


A study on the perceptions and efficacy towards inclusive practices of teacher trainees PDF
Paola Aiello, Erika Marie Pace, Dimiter M. Dimitrov, Maurizio Sibilio 13-28
The fundamental aspect of the theory in quantum physics education PDF (Italiano)
Marco Giliberti 29-40
Embodied Cognition Design. Experimental pedagogy between embodied cognition and architectural space PDF (Italiano)
Filippo Gomez Paloma, Marina Calò, Marco Borrelli, Domenico Tafuri 41-52
Teacher training and recruitment systems: a Leitmotiv PDF (Italiano)
Rosanna Tammaro, Annamaria Petolicchio, Anna D’Alessio 53-68
Assessment as an exercise of responsible citizenship Issues and perspectives in educational and training systems PDF (Italiano)
Renata Viganò 69-82


Use of Implicative and Cohesitive Analysis for exploiting a mathematical standardized test PDF (Français)
Antoine Bodin, Maria Lucia Giovannini, Liliana Silva 83-102
The migration of INVALSI mathematics tests from PPT to CBT. A study about field-trial tests for the second class of Secondary school PDF (Italiano)
Emanuela Botta, Cristina Lasorsa 103-120
Research in multicultural educational context with Chinese students: the Chinese written language as a bridge to a informal beginning of the algebraic-relational thought PDF (Italiano)
Benedetto Di Paola, Giuseppe Zanniello 121-138
The use of exergames in physical education to improve the proficiency level of balance skills in children PDF (Italiano)
Francesco Sgrò, Matteo Barresi, Salvatore Pignato, Mario Lipoma 139-152


Inclusion and preschool between theory and teachers’ opinion PDF (Italiano)
Maja Antonietti, Chiara Bertolini, Alice Veneziani 153-174
English teaching in primary schools: instruments for curriculum design PDF (Italiano)
Davide Capperucci 175-194
The workshop didactic as a bridge between disciplinary knowledge and general education PDF (Italiano)
Mina De Santis, Lorella Lorenza Bianchi 195-208
Ripensare la teoria della valutazione e dell’apprendimento all’università: un modello per implementare pratiche di peer review PDF (Italiano)
Valentina Grion, Anna Serbati, Concetta Tino, David Nicol 209-226
Teaching for projects for the course “Methodologies and techniques of the educational research” PDF (Italiano)
Antonio Marzano, Rosa Vegliante, Sergio Miranda, Maria Anna Formisano 227-240

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