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The Italian Journal of Educational Research, promoted by the Italian Society of Educational Research, is devoted to Methodologies of Educational Research and Evaluation Research in Education. Research fields refer to: curriculum development, teacher training, school education, higher education and vocational education and training, instructional management and design, educational technology and e-learning, subject teaching, inclusive education, lifelong learning methodologies, competences evaluation and certification, docimology, students assessment, school evaluation. teacher appraisal, system evaluation and quality. The journal serves the interest of researchers, educators, trainers and teachers, and publishes original empirical research works, case studies, systematic and critical reviews, along with editorials and brief reports, covering recent developments in the field. The journal aims are to share the scientific and methodological culture, to encourage debate and to stimulate new research.

Referees Committee
The referees committee includes well-respected Italian and foreign researchers. The referral process is under the responsability of the Journal’s Editor in Chief and Co-Editor.

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No 17 (2016)

Table of Contents


Indice PDF (Italiano)
Editorial Staff 1-8


Editoriale PDF (Italiano)
Achille M. Notti 9-12


Inclusion and integration. Alternative or correlated models of organization? PDF (Italiano)
Annamaria Curatola 13-26
Information-documentation didactic and inclusion, a research-intervention using combined methods PDF (Italiano)
Muriel Frisch 27-40
Embodied Cognition. Body, movement and sport for didactics PDF (Italiano)
Filippo Gomez Paloma, Domenico Tafuri 41-52
Decentralization tendencies and teacher evaluation policies in European countries PDF (Italiano)
Anita Norlund, Antonio Marzano, Marta De Angelis 53-66
The role of school principals in training and support for newly hired teachers PDF (Italiano)
Alessandra Rosa 67-86


Teaching how to read the mind: the design of an edugame for the development of social skills in students with Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF (Italiano)
Paola Aiello, Stefano Di Tore, Erika Marie Pace, Maurizio Sibilio 87-104
The phenomenon of Early College Leavers. A case study on the graduate programs of the Department of Education of “Roma Tre” University PDF (Italiano)
Marco Burgalassi, Valeria Biasi, Rosa Capobianco, Giovanni Moretti 105-126
«Activation du développement vocationnel et professionnel» methodology for inclusive education in lower secondary school PDF (Italiano)
Giuseppa Cappuccio 127-142
Foreign Students and Achievement in Mathematics: Evidence from the Italian Case PDF (Italiano)
Giuseppina Le Rose, Veronica Riccardi 143-168
The conceptions of first cycle teachers about students merit: an exploratory research PDF (Italiano)
Massimo Marcuccio 169-182
Analysis of a proposal to include SEN students through the practice of team sports PDF (Italiano)
Pietro Montesano, Francesco Peluso Cassese, Domenico Tafuri 183-190
Self-evaluation Report and Improvement Plan: analysis and mapping of training needs of the Apulian School. First steps of a documentation research PDF (Italiano)
Loredana Perla, Viviana Vinci 191-218


School and families facing each other, for an inclusive coevolution Building educational alliances to understand the fragile X Syndrome PDF (Italiano)
Elisabetta Ghedin, Simone Visentin, Rinalda Montani 219-234
La formazione dell’orientamento professionale nel Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Psicologia e Pedagogia PDF (Italiano)
Tatyana Analatolyevna Egorenko 235-242

ISSN: 2038-9744