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The Italian Journal of Educational Research, promoted by the Italian Society of Educational Research, is devoted to Methodologies of Educational Research and Evaluation Research in Education. Research fields refer to: curriculum development, teacher training, school education, higher education and vocational education and training, instructional management and design, educational technology and e-learning, subject teaching, inclusive education, lifelong learning methodologies, competences evaluation and certification, docimology, students assessment, school evaluation. teacher appraisal, system evaluation and quality. The journal serves the interest of researchers, educators, trainers and teachers, and publishes original empirical research works, case studies, systematic and critical reviews, along with editorials and brief reports, covering recent developments in the field. The journal aims are to share the scientific and methodological culture, to encourage debate and to stimulate new research.

Referees Committee
The referees committee includes well-respected Italian and foreign researchers. The referral process is under the responsability of the Journal’s Editor in Chief and Co-Editor.

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No 18 (2017)

Table of Contents


Indice PDF (Italiano)
Editorial Staff 1-8


Editoriale PDF (Italiano)
Achille M. Notti 9-12


A simplex approach for the organization of space and time in childhood PDF (Italiano)
Ilaria Viscione, Iolanda Zollo, Erika Marie Pace, Maurizio Sibilio 13-24
Health education and innovative teaching strategies PDF (Italiano)
Luca Impara 25-42
Body, movement and educational robotics for students with Special Educational Needs PDF
Paola Damiani, Antonio Ascione 43-58
Manage the sport for an educational development PDF (Italiano)
Davide Di Palma, Antonio Ascione, Francesco Peluso Cassese 59-66
Professional development of university teachers: An experience in an international project PDF (Italiano)
Michele Biasutti, Vassilis Makrakis, Eleonora Concina, Sara Frate 67-82
The teachers’ training and probationary period, the thought of Salerno newly hired teachers: a case study PDF (Italiano)
Marika Calenda, Rosanna Tammaro 83-98


Physical fitness of young Italian students: effectiveness of a 12-week supervised extracurricular training PDF
Alessandro Acella, Stefania Cataldi, Francesco Fischietti, Gianpiero Greco 99-114
Validation and standardization of the Italian version of the questionnaire “How do you feel?” about well-being and ill-being in the lower secondary school PDF (Italiano)
Irene Stanzione 115-130
A classroom that children wish for: redefining the classroom space while honouring primary school students’ voices PDF (Italiano)
Filippo Dettori 131-144
Universal Design for Learning to value differencies: An explorative reasearch considering teachers’ perceptions PDF (Italiano)
Elisabetta Ghedin, Silvia Mazzocut 145-162
Approaches to data analysis in visual education research PDF (Italiano)
Silvia Cescato 163-180
Relationships between self-regulation of learning, motivations and academic success of students. Identifying predictive factors of drop-out risk PDF (Italiano)
Valeria Biasi, Conny De Vincenzo, Nazarena Patrizi 181-198


Librotherapy and dyslexia: beyond the compensatory value of the e-book PDF (Italiano)
Annamaria Curatola, Paola Surace 199-214
Pilates and volleyball: which efficacy on postural stability of individual fundamentals? PDF (Italiano)
Valentina Cerrina, Isabella Scursatone, Chiara Franco, Claudio Scotton, Luisa Pizzigalli 215-224


“The research at Doctoral Schools in Italy. Comparing Doctoral candidates, Ph.D.s and Teachers”: the eleventh edition of SIRD conference PDF (Italiano)
Giovanni Moretti 225-236

ISSN: 2038-9744