An experience of research-training based on competencies, in the school Melanzio-Parini of Castel Ritaldi


  • Federico Batini
  • Marco Bartolucci Università degli Studi di Perugia
  • Francesco Mattioli



In recent years, the world of education has found itself facing a series of changes to meet
the increasingly pressing needs of the world in which we live. From the methodological
point of view, a series of innovative didactics have been developed, detached from the
frontal lesson and from a transmitting idea of knowledge, favouring an active didactics
where the student is at the centre of the learning process. In this article we present the
results of a research-training aimed at verifying the effects of active and competencebased
didactics in two classes (second and fifth) of primary school. To this end, the participating
subjects were subjected, ex ante and ex post, to tests that verify their cognitive
functioning, but also their approach and motivation to study. The results show an increase
in the above mentioned dimensions for the experimental groups, compared to
peer control groups, suggesting that these didactic interventions may have both a direct
effect on the subjects’ learning, but also an empowerment effect of psychological and
neuropsychological transversal dimensions.