Experimentation of a special didactics proposal for youth disabled in swimming

  • Domenico Tafuri Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Davide Di Palma
  • Antonio Ascione
  • Francesco Peluso Cassese


The aim of this research work is to propose a special didactics offer that can also guarantee
disabled young people the opportunity to practice swimming. The sports system,
and therefore also that of swimming activities, has the duty to pursue the goal of accessibility
to all, and it is clear how important it is to structure a sports didactics strategy
aimed at the sports development of disabled children with consequent positive effects
on social aspects, such as inclusion and increased self-esteem and autonomy. In this regard,
we will analyze the experimentation inherent a field research carried out on a sample
of 18 disabled children, over a period of 10 weeks, in order to identify the most
effective and efficient proposal for special sports didactics both in athletic and social