An educational guidance model for young immigrants


  • Massimo Margottini Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Francesca Rossi


The search for life and professional opportunities in a new country represents a significant
challenge for migrants, immigrants and refugees, in terms of developing knowledge
and skills for full social and professional integration. The massive migratory flows
of recent years have fuelled a growing attention of the scientific community on the
processes of training, employment and integration of young asylum seekers from non-
EU countries.
The work presents some results of “CREI - Creating networks for immigrants” Project
(AMIF funds 2014-2020). At the centre of the project there is the application of an educational
and career guidance model with qualitative-quantitative tools to recognise, validate
and develop strategic skills of young foreigners.
The result is a complex analysis which, on the one hand, helps people to know and manage
themselves better, and on the other hand allows trainers to develop educational and
vocational support programmes.