School risk factors and dropout in students’ perception: the international ERASMUS KA2 ACCESS project


  • Antonella Nuzzaci Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Iole Marcozzi


For years national and international literature has focused on early leaving in search of an explanation to prevent the dropout phenomenon. However, most of this research was conducted without considering the students’ point of view and the path that leads them to leave. Starting from the set of research activities carried out within the international Erasmus + ACCESS (KA2) project, which involves universities, schools, research and training institutes from Italy, Portugal, Lithuania and Romania, the contribution focuses on describing some emerged results from the survey addressed to the students of upper secondary schools aimed at studying their perceptions of school factors affecting dropouts. The results of this comparison among European countries indicate how the factors identified by the students can be of great use in explaining the implications connected with the predictors of early school leaving and the effect of some scholastic context variables.